Comedian Michael Yo Shares Story Of His Recovery From Coronavirus In Social Media Post

Comedian Michael Yo revealed he’d recently been diagnosed with both pneumonia and the coronavirus. The 45-year-old Yo posted an emotional video to Instagram, thanking his family and his friends for their jokes during an eight-day stay in the hospital.

“Thank you to my amazing wife the rock to my foundation and to everyone that reached out. To all my comedian, personal friends and #JRE family it meant a lot,” he wrote in a caption. Yo said: “I’m at home now, self-quarantined since I was at the hospital for eight days. A lot of people have been asking what happens, so basically, I went to the hospital. I have pneumonia and corona at the same time which if you’re watching the news, it’s the deadly combo right there. Man, it was scary. When I checked in, the doctor said, ‘This is going to go good fast and then it’s going to go really bad fast.'”

The comic said fellow comics helped him recover by sending him coronavirus jokes, and that he still managed to laugh while sick. “No matter how bad it gets we gotta keep laughing,” he said.

Comedian Michael Yo Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis In Emotional Instagram Post


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